Cool workshops for the summer

Summer is here! The streets of Bangalore are garlanded with hues of tree blossoms. Pods and seeds seem to be scattered in plenitude on streets. Children have found some respite from the hectic schedule of schools and all their energies are waiting to be channelized in this hot weather. A visit to the grandparent’s village in the midst of nature would have been ideal to expose young minds to learn from their surroundings. The absence of this luxury means that the city has to create alternate spaces to keep children engaged. Summer camps and short term workshops in theatre, dance, craft, art, music etc are some avenues available for the parents to send their children to. These art workshops definitely enhance the creativity of the young minds but can they also ensure enriching their connection to nature?

Artecology, has picked a couple of workshops that are happening in Bangalore that incorporate both art and ecology as part of the workshop. These workshops are conducted by facilitators who have a background in art, science and have a keen interest in ecology. These workshops offer the perfect opportunity for children to interact and engage with the natural world around them through art. Check out these events in different parts of Bangalore.

For those in Malleshwaram / seshadripuram Area –
Ecology through Art is a workshop organised by Kavade. The facilitator Abhisheka Krishnagopal will be introducing the children to biodiversity around us which includes trees, birds, insects, amphibians, etc and understanding the relationship between an organism and its ecosystem. The workshop will also cover activities that will help children to think about the role they can play in conserving environment.


Abhisheka says that “Using art to teach Ecology, requires a certain sensitivity, playfulness and creativity.  This workshop has been designed in a way to encourage children to observe and explore flora and fauna through sketching; learn fundamental principles of ecology through games and activities; understand relationships in nature. The overall goal is to sensitize children to their local ecology and environment”.

  img_0783.jpgAbhisheka is a wildlife researcher involved in Bird Migration Studies. She is also a visual artist and a Nature educator. She uses her experience in field ecology and the medium of art to teach to bring about nature awareness. 



For those in and around Yelahanka-

Summer Sci-Art workshop is hosted by Jus’ Trufs in Jakkur. The workshop aims to amalgamate biology and art together. In each class a different aspect of natural sciences with be explored through the lens of colors and brushes. The workshop will be facilitated by Ipsa Jain.


In Ipsa’s words,  “Richard Dawkins once said that a sense of familiarity has numbed the curiosity about the world we see around us. In this workshop, the plan is to use art as an excuse to explore the wonders of the world around us. In these workshops we will explore the concepts on leaves, feathers,  micro organisms, shells and other things through a scientific lens. And we will use that understanding to create work of art. An activity based learning of these concepts will hopefully invoke inquisitiveness, curiosity, and inquiry in the students. And next time they are walking through a garden or bird perches on their window they will see the wonder that it is”.


Ipsa Jain is a scientist by training and artist in spirit. She calls herself the hunter and gatherer of interestingness and wants to share it all with the world.



For those in South Bangalore

GREENSCRAPS, a Bangalore based initiative is all about the enthusiasm involved in sketching and compiling your own information, as ‘YOU’ see it in your natural surroundings. It focuses on spreading awareness about our rich natural heritage.


GreenScraps is introducing Nature Journaling workshops this summer. A workshop for children with lots of activities in the midst of nature in Lalbagh. These workshops are held in small intimate group and explore the joy of spending time with nature with  sketches, doodle, notes and lots of curiosity. Another special feature they offer is weekend sessions for Parent & Child, a lovely way to spend the summer holidays with your children.


Sangeetha Kadur founder of Greenscraps, is an artist with a passion for wildlife. She aspires to travel to diverse landscapes to capture the essence and beauty of nature through the medium of art.                       Shilpa Shree has graduated from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and has been a free lance artist. Together they hope to inspire a new generation of passionate nature artists. 

Artecology invites individuals to share details of workshops, exhibitions, performances and projects that primarily focus on Art and Ecology. We would be happy to publish details of the event on our blog and share it with our audience. Please email artecologise at gmail.com with details of the event and we will contact you before publishing the content on our blog.












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