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How to be a Fig?

@ SCCS – Bangalore 2017

PC: Nicole Dufour

ARTECOLOGY INITIATIVE is a collective of artists and scientists who have come together to create environmental awareness through art. We believe that it is essential for everyone to understand the complexity of nature to be able to conserve and protect it.

The performance titled ‘How to be a fig?’ is a movement based performance centered around the topic of figs/ficus trees. We will be collaborating with UK based researcher Mike Shanahan for the project. The attempt is to express through the human body the complex role that ficus plays in the ecosystem.

Requirements: We are keen on working with people from various backgrounds who are interested in exploring alternate methods of communicating science.The participants have to be Bangalore based. Age 18 years and above. Senior members are welcome.

All the participants will be trained and prepared for the performance through movement sessions with movement artist Veena Basavarajaiah. The created work will premiere at the Students Conference on Conservation Science in September 2017 at  IISc, Bangalore.

Those interested please send an email to with a few lines about your background and stating your interest in the project.
Last date to sign-up for the project is 10th August 2017.

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