Lifetide Urban Water Festival

The opening of Lifetide [Urban] Water Festival 2018 will be held at Ragi Kana: an urban santé (market) that aims to provide sustainable livelihoods to farmers, weaver communities and co-operatives. The water festival will include a talk titled “Making Puttenahalli Lake a People’s Lake” by Usha Rajagopalan, chairperson, Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust. Usha is also an author and translator who has published seven books in different literary genres. She hopes to write a memoir on the subject of conservation in the near future.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.26.58 PMThe event will also feature a film ‘Embedded Water‘ and ‘Kere Stop‘ by Bhavani GS who has been featured as Artecology’s artist of the month. The film screening will be followed by a talk/discussion by the artist.  The festival will also feature a short film titled “‘A lake Reborn‘: The Incredible story of Kyalasanahalli lake” by Abhishek Maji, the event will also showcase Sansera Foundation’s work on the ecosystem revival of Kyalasanahalli lake.

The festival supports local water workers in building their community to reclaim the commons. It also  addresses various water related issues and creates awareness through campaigns, interactive storytelling sessions, Live Music, mixed media arts.

It is a day long event and is open to people of all ages. You could also enjoy a scrumptious millet meal for lunch at the venue. Visit their facebook page to learn more about the event.

Lifetide is a platform to learn about water and practice conservation. It is a place to meet artists, activists and educators and start projects that protect and develop catchment areas. Simar Kohli Das, founder of Lifetide reaches out to artists to aid in this process  creating ecological awareness through art. If you have work focused on conservation or a film that you would like to submit please write to team.lifetide@gmail.com.

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