Our increasing disconnection with nature is a key reason for many of the negative impacts of humans on their environment. In order to live more sustainably, we need to create educational experiences that help us develop greater sensitivity and appreciation for the natural world. There is a need for human race to not just learn scientific facts about our natural world, but also to enhance their sensibility towards nature and understand the environmental issues in their immediate surroundings.

Sensitivity towards nature can be achieved through a variety of artistic activities, particularly when we work closely with nature. In fact, when it comes to learning about nature, art has an ability that conventional approaches lack.


Art forms – ranging from painting, literature, poetry and music to dance, sculpture and theatre are embedded in Indian culture, and can be used as a means to develop awareness and a sense of connection to ‘nature’.

Several artists and ecologists in India are working towards sensitizing people about the need to protect nature. While many work separately in the their respective fields some collaborate to bring ecology to the common man through the medium of art.

Artecology will act as platform for ecologists/wildlife biologists/conservationists  to connect with artists and form future collaborations. While science and art collaborations in urban areas get recognised, most often similar efforts in remote regions of the country are not known. This is an attempt to also connect such individuals working on the grassroots level, who lack access to the mainstream media and to bring forth their work and experience.